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An overview of hiring and freelancing on WritingWizards.

Create a project
Place orders with our simple interface

Place orders with our simple interface

Our simple project creation menu asks you a few simple but essential questions about your content. Then you can fill out the brief section with extra information such as the voice tone, keywords, and other important specifications.

  • • Start by creating a project. Tell us about your project and the specific expertise required.
  • • WritingWizards finds you the best matches. Our search algorithm finds and highlights the best industry experts needed for your content project based on their skills, helping you find the writing wizard you’re looking for.
  • Search freely. You can search our database of writers for talent, industry, expertise or any other specific qualifications that writers mentioned in their profiles.
  • The wall street journal
  • The new york times
  • Time
  • Timesonline

Easily find industry expert writers

Easily find industry expert writers

Browse and chat with expert writers before you send them your writing project.

  • Browse writers and review their profiles. WritingWizards provides you with a wide range of expert writers for any budget and schedule to review and select the best writer for your project.
  • Review portfolios. To see who’s the best match for your project, take a look at the portfolios of potential writers.
  • Chat with writers about your project. Feel free to chat with writers to ask specific questions, determine who’s the best match.
Easily find industry expert writers
Hire the best writer

Hire the best writer

Once you’ve found the best match on Find a Writer page, you can hire and start to work with the best writer for your writing project.

  • Hire the best for your project. If you’ve already created a project, you can simply select the writer and get started.
  • Send your project to the writer. After browsing expert writer profiles, you easily send your project to the writer by filling out the brief and start to work with an industry expert writer.
  • Keep in touch while you’re working with experts. Use our seamless messaging board to discuss any details or ask any question you like during the project.
Work efficiently, effectively

Work efficiently, effectively

Upon creation of your project, the writer will get to work immediately. Once the writer has completed your project, they’ll send it to you for approval. You can then suggest changes or approve the delivery.

  • Sit back and relax. With a writing wizard on your project, you can spend your time however you want.
  • Use WritingWizards mobile app. You can access many features on your mobile phone; it’s so easy to manage your projects when on the go.
  • Receive digital files. Upon completion, your writer will deliver the project in your desired file format.
Work efficiently, effectively
Hire the best writer

Pay easily with secure payment system

Pay easily while creating your project. Once you have received the delivery and you are satisfied, the funds are released to the writer.

  • WritingWizards payment protection. All payments are transferred through a secure server for your protection and only upon your authorization.
  • Global payments without worry. Pay writers from around the world without worrying about currency exchange.
  • Invoices and reporting. View account history and invoices anytime for accounting and record-keeping.

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